FAQ – Pencils / Lead

Frequently asked questions

1. Does Pentel sell replacement caps for their mechanical pencils?

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement caps for our pencils.

2. What is the difference in lead hardness (4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H)?

To recognize hardness or softness of the lead, drawing pencils will have a grade with the letter B or H and a number. B is a subjective indication of ‘blackness’ and H is a subjective indication of ‘hardness’. Therefore, 4B would produce a thick black line and the point would wear down extremely quickly, while 6H would produce a thin grey line, and hold a point much longer. HB is a theoretical middle point between 4B and 6H. 

3. What is the difference in lead size/diameter?

0.3mm lead produces an extra-fine line which is ideal for writing intricate, small details.
This is primary lead for drafting and engineering applications.

0.5mm lead produces a fine line and is the most popular, widely-used lead size.
This lead size is ideal for accounting and general writing applications such as notes, letters, etc.

0.7mm lead produces a medium line and is ideal for students or heavy-handed writers.
It works well for all general writing such as notes, letters, etc.

0.9mm lead produces a thick line.
Because of the wide diameter, it breaks less and is ideal for first time merchanical pencil users and heavy-handed writers.

4. Does your refill lead actually contain lead?

Our refill lead is made from graphite.  It does not contain actual lead.