Pentel GA Hard Pastel – 6 Colours Set (High Saturations Type)

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Pentel GA Hard Pastel – 6 Colours Set (HighSaturations Type)

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  • A Hard Square Pastel.
  • Very Smooth and Soft Application on Paper
  • The Square Shape (8mm x 8mm x 60mm) is Convenient for Both Detailed and Sketch Work.
  • The Corners Provide a Sharp Point while the Side of the Stick Allows Broad Strokes.
  • Clean and Easy to Use. The Pastels will not Crumble or Powder in Hands.
  • In Combination with Other Materials Like Waters Colours, Ink Colours or Acrylic Colours, Very Unique and Different Results are Enjoyable.

Content Per Box: 10 Sets

Content Per Carton: 10 Set X 20 Box = 200 Sets

Additional Information
Weight 0.062 kg
Dimensions 8.3 × 8 × 1.5 cm

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