PENTEL XGFH Dual Metallic Brush Pen- GOLD

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PENTEL XGFH Dual Metallic Brush Pen-  GOLD

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Nylon brush tip pen with new two(2) glitter metallic colours combination in brush pen.

Fresh glitter metallic coloured water-based pigment ink with no odor.

One pen, Two shades: The combination of both pigment glitter and dye ink creates brilliant rich metallic colours

Ink colour changes the shades at different angle.

the new ink infused with 2 contrasting coloured glitter produce cute but mellow mood.

the soft tone ink colours are easy to use for daily writing like illustration, bullet journal and mood tracker.

UOM: piece
Packing contents: Box of 5’s / Carton of 100’s (20 boxes)
Item code: XGFH-DX


Additional Information
Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 1.4 × 1.7 × 14.3 cm