SESP15 Water-Based Pigment Brush Sign Pen Sepia Ink, FLEXIBLE NIB – FINE TIP

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SESP15 Pigment Brush Sign Pen SepiaInk, FLEXIBLE NIB – FINE TIP


Water-based pigment ink is smooth flowing.

Pigment ink is acid free, fade proof and water resistant.

Unique, durable pen tip produces brush-like strokes and various expressions.

The writing width can be changed by writing pressure.

Unique pen tip gives a sensitive brushwork.

Ideal for writing Calligraphy, comics and drawing.

Available in 3 sizes brush types and colours (Black/Light Black)

UOM: Pcs
Packing contents: Pack of 5’s / Carton of 200’s (5 x 40 pcs)
Item code:  SESP15-SP (FINE TIP)

Additional Information
Weight 0.0088 kg
Dimensions 1.6 × 1.2 × 13.5 cm
Pigment Ink