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Pentel Catalogue and Leaflets

In the following leaflets or brochures, you’ll find information about our best-ever range of exciting and inspiring products, plus our special promotion.

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Leaflet for SESW30C Brush Sign Pen – Twin Tip

Pentel Catalogue 2023 – 2024 (English Version – PDF)

Leaflet for Whitespeed 7ml ZLH64-W Correction Pen

Leaflet for Kawaii+ 6 Retractable Gel Pen

Leaflet for BXA107 Ballpoint Pen New Colours

Leaflet for Mattehop Gel Roller Pen

Leaflet for PHN Oil Pastels

Leaflet for Fabric Fun Paint Colours

Leaflet for Correction Pen ZL range

Leaflet for Paint Marker New Colour FA

Leaflet for iZee Ballpoint Pen FA

Leaflet for S20P Pointliner FA

Leaflet for Hi-Polymer Glue Stick

Leaflet for XZTT805 WEEZER Correction Tape

Leaflet for NF450 Slim Permanent Marker Pen

Leaflet for FFPC Fabric Fun Paint Colour

Leaflet for SLW11P illuminate Flex Pastel Highlighter – Twin Tip

Leaflet for Energel infree (New Colour)


Leaflet for WFRS Water Colour FA

Leaflet for Acrylic Colour New Colour WA2 FA

Leaflet for Acrylic Colour WA2 FA

Leaflet for Pente GA Hard Pastel FA